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[Pre-Owned] Deuxieme Classe knit

Deuxieme Classe

Country: Japan   Established: 1995     To enjoy the fashion unplug the power of the shoulder of the trad-based as a brand concept, in shops, which has proposed a basic and sophisticated real clothes, original brand also we are developing.  Brand of the naming of the French are two like cars, the second Karaki,  Putting on airs not to item deployment, such as enjoy the fashion features.  Traditional, classic and modern to the keyword, elegant and looking forward to the fashionable, the image of the adult women with a sense of fun, especially in Europe, has a selection of stylish items stuck to quality that has been collected from all over the world.  Antique items are also deployed, is a brand that is attractive to the proposal of a wide range of items deployment and total. >See more products of this brand.

[Pre-Owned] Deuxieme Classe knit
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