Scent of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Sarasaty cotton 100 natural cotton

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  • Product Introduction

    "Sarasati cotton 100 Natural cotton scent 112 pieces" is a vaginal sheet that is hard to rash without stuffiness. The scent of natural cotton.

    Contents 56 pieces ● Because the back sheet buildup tend to moisture and air that the entire surface of breathable back sheet to escape to the outside, holding a local of stuffiness, and less likely further rash. ● from without the hassle speed mounting individual package just peel off the sheet, it can be installed immediately in underwear. ● Please use at any time other than please! And physiological day use it at a time like this. (1) When you want to last longer prevent yellowing of fashionable underwear. (2) in the coral-ovulation to front and rear and physiological before and after pregnancy. ● no binder recipe that does not use an adhesive. ● It is also on the surface sheet ● sensitive skin of the striped tape ● 100% thin slightly 1mm ● natural cotton sheets that do not interfere with the ventilation is high evaluation of smell ● "Natural cotton scent of".

  • Precautions

    When you do not meet the Notes • skin, please discontinue use. After use, please do not flow to the toilet. - Please use at any time in addition to the physiological day. - As much as possible and frequently exchange, please clean mind. After opening, as dust and insects from entering, please keep in a sanitary manner.

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