Morning of courier level 3 (6Gx24 packages)

Morning of courier level 3 (6Gx24 packages)

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  • Product Introduction

    Their Asataku series where I am chosen in accordance with the clean satisfaction "the morning of door-to-door service level 3" is the Habu tea, health tea was Fukairi blend and Kasshia alata in senna Futoshikuki. A lot of senna stems blended level 3. Decaffeinated, is a tea-friendly to the body of the food additive is not used. ◎ level display the amount of senna stems. (Level 1 → 2 → 3 → MAX)

  • Product Use

    [Delicious in order to get served] ● poured 200cc hot water in the mug or teapot (teapot), and when you finish the delicious tea will wait for about 3 to 5 minutes. 1 day, is a standard one to two tea bag is delicious. ● After also extract the tea ice even in hot, also delicious served chilled in the refrigerator. Tea after extraction as soon as possible, please enjoy. Please enjoy within 24 hours even if it is saved in the refrigerator.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Hanyu tea, senna Futoshikuki (edible portion), Kasshia alata, chicory, dandelion, Heriantsusu-Tsuberosusu

  • Precautions

    ● senna Futoshikuki and which is the main raw material of this product, other auxiliary material is, but you may disagree with, such as allergy, if the first time you use, your in amounts of less than half of the tea made with one bag tea bag please try. After your use, if you do not excellent physical condition, please discontinue use. ● You can say to your drink in general, but drinking too much will be Moto to break the stomach. ● Because it may detract from the quality, water out, please stop. ● When you use the hot water, please be careful to burns and other injuries. ● pregnant women, please do not children Meshiagara.

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