Hachiochichi (90 grains)

Hachiochichi (90 grains)

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  • Product Introduction

    Description of item

    ● This product is a raw royal jelly calculated on grain, royal jelly was contained 1000mg substantial amount, it is served easy sugar-coated grains. ● royal jelly, which is also referred to as "Ochichi", is a special food to eat is queen bee in a milky substance that is secreted from the young worker bees. ● It is recommended for those who Yawa attention to the maintenance of health and beauty.


    [Notes] to heat and humidity, please save to avoid direct sunlight. After opening store in a cool, dark place and tighten the lid, please enjoy as soon as possible. - After the check raw materials and those who are food allergy, please be avoided. When - do not fit to the body, please discontinue use.

    Nutritional Information

    (Per day recommended dose 3 grains) energy ··· 6.97kcaL protein ··· 0.47g lipid ··· 0.07g carbohydrate ··· 1.12g sodium ··· 0.80mg raw royal jelly in terms ··· 3000mg

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