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Just stick to Bapona Snoopy Ami door 260 days (two)

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  • Dimensions:18.0cm × 13.0cm × 3.0cm

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  • Product Introduction

    ● it is insect repellent of only simple net type stick to Ami door. ● can easily be pasted directly into Ami door with Velcro, not get in the way, is insect repellent hard to fall even if wind is blowing. ● There is no effect on the effect even when wet with rain. ※ paste the product to Ami door, it was confirmed the invasion inhibition rate of the midges. (Temperature: 22-24 degrees, humidity: under the conditions of 55 ~ 65%) ● This product is not a commodity targeted mosquitoes. If you need help in the mosquito, please use the mosquito insecticide, such as ground Nomatto. ● effect due to wind direction is different. (There is no effect on the windward side.) ● air flow, sustained by the use environment, such as temperature is different.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Transfluthrin, empenthrin (pyrethroid)

  • Precautions

    Can consult by some chance, if you feel an abnormality in the body, that this product is a drug of pyrethroid tell your doctor, please seek medical. Other notes - used before to be sure to read the product display, please use on that to fully understand. · Protect the method of use, please do not use it for other than its intended purpose. · Please do not directly touch the net (drug-impregnated part). If you touch the drug by mistake, please wash well with soap. And human allergies and cause a rash predisposition, please note the use. - Avoid the vicinity of the fire, please be attached to the place where children and pets can not touch. · Watch please as this product does not fall within the aquarium are the fish and the like. * This product will usually lasts 260 days, but you may want to end quickly with the use environment. Because unlike, insecticides, pest a large amount generated, if you want to fly one after another, please combination of insecticide aerosol. Storage and Handling Precautions - Avoid high temperature and fire, please keep in a cool place out of the reach of children. - Once the case to suspend the use, wrapped in a plastic bag or wrap, etc., please keep sealed. • If you throw away, as the plastic garbage, Please dispose of in a manner prescribed by the local governments.

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