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[Pre-Owned] JIL SANDER NAVY pants size: 42 (M position)


Established: 2011    Brand keywords was announced as a new line of JIL SANDER (Jil Sander), JIL SANDER NAVY is pure, simple, easy to wear is.  While leaving the sophisticated taste of Jil Sander, joined by comfortable to wear feminine taste in the natural, it is a brand that is easily wear more casual.  Color good yellow or orange, shirt and print dress using a pink color palette is impressive, it has been lineup in total up to accessories such as bags and shoes. >See more products of this brand.

[Pre-Owned] JIL SANDER NAVY pants size: 42 (M position)
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  • Product Introduction

    Slacks is an item that represents the Jil Sander.
    It is simple, one with a strong presence stands out the beauty of the silhouette.
    Since the cropped bamboo is the feet clean and easy to take the balance in petite person and can summon in the impression.

  • Specifications

    Colors: Navy
    Gender: Ladies
    Wear Season: autumn and winter
    Size: 42 (M position)
    West: 85cm
    Hip: 110cm
    Inseam: 57cm
    Rise: 28cm
    Watari: 63cm
    Around the hem: 40cm
    Sense of sheer: None
    Fabric thickness: Normal
    Lining: None
    Stretch: None
    Luster: None
    Country of origin: Italy

  • Materials

    Hair 60%, 38% polyester, 2% polyurethane

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