Otsuka Pharmaceutical Nature Made Multiple Vitamin

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    • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Nature Made Multiple Vitamin
    • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Nature Made Multiple Vitamin

    Quantity:100 tablets

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  • Product Introduction

    ● functional food nutrition (biotin, vitamin B2, pantothenic acid) ● 12 types of well-balanced vitamins. But one grain per day you can continue every day without difficulty since. It is the base supplement of sales number 1 in the US vitamin market. ● is a supplement to be a complement of meal from the base supplements, is the basis of supplementation. ● vitamins are well-balanced vitamin in total, at the same time and each of which plays an important role in the body, it has been working in a team work while making up for each other's power. In order to carry the cooperation play of this team smoothly, what vitamins can not be essential. In other words, no matter how good the machine is the same kind of thing as one of parts it would no longer work and failure. Vitamin is the first time taking a well-balanced in total, we us to exert a sufficient force for the body. ● to one person per day nutritional requirements In another clear gender and age in a multi-vitamin 1 grain, become a guide to know how much can I take any vitamin is the "nutritional requirements". The nutritional requirements, the basic line that indicates the appropriate intake without any shortage also take too much in order to maintain health. First, let's start the foundations of health from here ... to take the total to meet the nutritional requirements. In addition the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare ● is, the safety and efficacy of in terms of intake of each nutrient in consideration of, on the content of vitamins and minerals contained in the food, has set the standard criteria, such as the upper limit and lower limit It was. Products that meet the criteria will be able to function display as a "health-promoting food (food with nutrient function claims)"

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Lactose, (including soybean oil, gelatin) agar, cellulose, VC, the VE, glycerin fatty acid ester, silicon oxide, niacinamide, pantothenic acid Ca, V.B6, V.B2, V.B1, VA, folic acid, biotin, VD, V.B12

  • Nutritional Information

    [1 grain nutrition ingredient per (0.96g)] energy ··· 3.9kcaL protein ··· 0.032g lipid ··· 0.071g carbohydrate ··· 0.805g sodium ··· 0 ~ 0.5mg vitamin A ··· 600IU vitamin B1 ··· 1.5mg vitamin B2 ··· 1.7mg vitamin B6 ··· 2mg vitamin B12 ··· 3μg niacin ··· 15mg pantothenic acid ··· 6mg folic acid ··· 200μg biotin ··· 30μg vitamin C · ·· 300mg vitamin D ··· 200IU vitamin E ··· 26.8mg

  • Precautions

    Please to avoid the heat and humidity and direct sunlight. ● Please put out of reach of infants, children. ● while taking the medicine, the direction of or pregnant or breast-feeding in hospital, please consult your doctor. ● If food allergies are on the check the display all the components, please enjoy. ● The constitution physical condition, it may not meet the rare body (rash, stomach discomfort, etc.). In that case, please discontinue use is. ● or if the capsule each other stick, you may color, etc. for using the natural origin of the raw material is changed, but the quality is not the problem.

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