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Nature Made B- Complex (60 tablets)

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  • Product Introduction

    ● functional food nutrition (biotin) ● plenty take one grain a day important B vitamins in energy production and metabolism. It is recommended for those who care about the busy and irregular life how and beauty. ● In order to maintain the well metabolic energy the waste, it is important to better metabolize the waste accumulated in the energy shortage and body. So, essential nutrients vitamin B group (vitamin B complex). The B vitamins, vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid, is a general term, such as folic acid, when or to metabolize the substance that is no longer necessary to the body or make energy from carbohydrates, protein-lipid It is a necessary nutrient. In addition, vitamin B group, because it is said to be involved in, such as decomposition of decomposition and alcohol of body fat, you say that nutrients not also essential, for example, when drinking one and alcohol that have a diet . ● I nutrients 1 servings of vitamin B group lever plays an important role to every nook and corner of compensate body in one grain. Because B vitamins are working collaboratively with each other, which does not work well even if missing. In addition, vitamin B group with a water-soluble vitamin, because it can not set aside in the body, is what you want to intake firmly every day. Well, speaking of a treasure trove of vitamin B group "lever" is famous. And say why there are many B vitamins to the lever, a central place to the metabolism of energy and waste are repeated is why liver (lever). But, I think in lever is many people have shied away from a variety of circumstances. But in the even, what is difficult to take a vitamin B group in total. So, with good use of the supplements, let's ensure properly the vitamin B group. Better to the direction and sport that aims to better diet that direction and lifestyle of men those who like to and age is a concern is a concern

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Lactose, starch, cellulose, V.B1, V.B2, V.B6, pantothenic acid Ca, niacinamide, fatty acid (derived from soy), sucrose fatty acid ester, silicon oxide, folic acid, biotin, V.B12

  • Nutritional Information

    [Nutrients per grain (0.35g)] energy ··· 1.34kcaL protein ··· 0.055g lipid ··· 0.013g carbohydrate ··· 0.251g sodium ··· 0.036mg vitamin B1 ··· 15mg vitamin B2 ··· 12mg vitamin B6 ··· 10mg vitamin B12 ··· 15μg niacin ··· 10mg pantothenic acid ··· 10mg folic acid ··· 200μg biotin ··· 30μg

  • Precautions

    ● Please close the firm opened port after opening. ● direct sunlight, avoid hot and humid place, please keep out of the reach of children. ● please enjoy after opening as soon as possible. ● Check on the raw materials, who have food allergies Please do not eat. ● Because this product is you are using natural materials, there may be a slight difference in color occurs. This is because you do not have to adjust the color, there is no problem at all to the active ingredient content and quality. ● medicine a person or people in hospital are taking, are pregnant, in consultation with your doctor, please enjoy this product. ● This product is, disease or healing by high intakes, is not intended to improve health than. ● Please observe the daily recommended dose. ● This product is different from a health food, who is not in a separate review by the consumer Agency.

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