Yosenabe style of Goo Goo kitchen fish balls of BIG size (100g)

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  • Product Introduction

    Boiled white fish with chewy fish and big vegetables with chicken stock and cooked with fluffy egg yolk. Easy to eat, easy to chew ingredients are chosen, domestic vegetables are used.

    "Big size goo go kitchen fish ball's fish ball 100 grams" is a baby food of a large ingredient considering masticatory power. From around the age of 4 years in the Pakpak period. Big size of plenty of big size. Coloring, preservatives, perfumes are not used.
    Contents: 100 g (1 serving)

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Vegetables (carrot, radish, Chinese cabbage), potatoes, [(Tara, Hokke, sugar) fish surimi, onion, starch, bread crumbs, soy protein, rapeseed oil, salt] white fish balls, mushrooms, soy sauce, sugar, chicken extract, salt , scallop extract, rice vinegar, thickener (modified starch) seven major allergen information wheat is used as a raw material.

  • Precautions

    Law: Avoid direct sunlight, please store at room temperature. Note: ● Please note the hot water handling. ● Because after heating has become hot is content, please pay attention to the opening so that it does not, such as burns. ● Please give us the child from the check the temperature. ● Place leftovers or make please not cited. ● age is an approximation. Let's step-by-step to recommend to be patient. ● For the recommended side of the weaning, please consult a professional. ● This product is retort pouch food. * Dextrin and is what was decomposed to be easy to digest and absorb the starch. Cooking method: Because cooked is, served us as it is. Warm you and served more delicious.

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