Bean Stark Pocari Sweat powder (8P)

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  • Product Introduction

    ● I made for the baby!
    Mechanism that baby to lose or take the moisture, there are a lot of points different from the adult. Water supply to be absorbed without placing a burden on the body of the baby is important. To that end, bean Stark Pocari Sweat is different from the Pocari Sweat for adults, you have the same osmotic pressure as the baby's body fluids (285mOsm).
    ● gentle taste for babies
    Bean Stark Pocari Sweat is a gentle taste for the baby that was adjusted with glucose and fructose and fruit juice. Also it is suppressed in calories 17kcaL / 100mL. It is a standard amount of up to about two a day will give. Going out, after that walk and playing, when you sweat like a bath, you can drink in peace.
    ● component composition close to the body fluids
    The baby is often rate issue to the outside of the body of water like pee and sweat, often the balance is unstable. At that time, it is important to'll provide adequate moisture, but simply give only water there are times when not enough. The human body of water, sodium, potassium, because it contains an electrolyte, such as crawl (ion), not only water can give these ions in good balance is important. Bean Stark Pocari Sweat is a component composition that contains are prone ion lost from the heavy sweater baby.
    ● such as when you sweat a lot, etc. after, going out, walk and played in after-heat of the bath
    ● easy to carry and store!
    ● from age three months around

  • Product Use

    · Yuzamashi (30 to 40 degrees) in 50mL, dissolve by the addition of one bag of powder stick.

  • Nutritional Information

    (Per bag)
    Energy ··· 12kcaL
    Protein ··· 0g
    Lipid ··· 0g
    Carbohydrate ··· 3g
    Sodium ··· 25mg
    Potassium ··· 10.7mg
    Calcium ··· 1.0mg
    Magnesium ··· 0.3mg
    Ash ··· 0.07g

  • Precautions


    Raw materials, under the manufacturing process, strict quality standards to the final product, we manufacture

    For intake of pregnant or lactating

    In particular, there is no problem.

    how to use

    Please use from 3 months around May.


    Please do not freeze. The internal solution is expanded, the container is deformed, it might want to liquid leakage.

    Note on the storage and handling

    ● Be careful to give too much so as not to interfere with breast-feeding. ● If you want to give to the violent baby symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, please consult your doctor. ● or be drunk in the nipple before going to bed, you may drink lazy cause of tooth decay.


    ● save to avoid the heat and humidity, direct sunlight, after the Open box, please use as soon as possible. ● Since the pouch has been opened it is hygroscopic, be sure to use up at once. ● Do not give drink to leave and make every other.

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