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[Pre-Owned] FABIO RUSCONI shoes size: 37 (23.5cm position)


Designer: Fabio Rusukoni  Country: Italy  Established: 1998    Fabio Rusukoni is the Italian shoe brand.  Performs a variety of factory brand and collaboration, established then its own brand Fabio Rusukoni.  The lines and sophisticated form, such as flowing feminine has a reputation.  Has been dealt with in the store around the world, in Japan in 2008, we have to open a retail store in Tokyo Midtown. >See more products of this brand.

[Pre-Owned] FABIO RUSCONI shoes size: 37 (23.5cm position)
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  • Product Introduction

    ※ size notation (~cm position) is an estimate. There is a case to be somewhat back and forth by the brand and design.
    ※ The nature of the material, there is the case that there is a fine, etc. Sure.

  • Specifications

    Color: khaki system
    Gender: Ladies
    Wear Season: autumn and winter
    Size: 37 (23.5cm position)
    Height: 7cm
    Heel height: 7cm
    Saul back: width 8cm

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