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[Pre-Owned] JILLSTUART knit Size: M


Designer: Jill Stuart   Country: United States   Established: 1994     While holding the epidemic also, always feminine and expand the clothes of luxury taste, of New York, which provides the fashion of the era feeling and freshness to the sensitive woman in the trend brand.  Design and attention to the effect of femininity and cuteness grabbed the hearts of many women, everyday use, of course, there are many items that can be used in formal attire, makes active in a wide range of scene.  Designer Jill Stuart is also famous as a vintage collector, loves the delicate and elegant vintage dress that has been tailored to the good old days she has revived the luxury detail in everywhere of their own design.  Its representation is not limited only to the clothes, and until the shoes, watch, Cosmetics & wedding dress, women once has expanded its fan base in a cute collection seems to want to wear. >See more products of this brand.

[Pre-Owned] JILLSTUART knit Size: M
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  • Product Introduction

    Slim silhouette, is excellent compatibility with volume bottoms.
    Because it is a basic design, it is one of the classic designed to be used epidemic Stari without.

  • Specifications

    Color: Gray
    Gender: Ladies
    Wear Season: spring, summer
    Size: M
    Width: 43cm
    Length: 52cm
    Sleeve length: 52cm
    Shoulder width: 38cm
    Sense of sheer: None
    Fabric thickness: Normal
    Lining: None
    Elasticity: Yes
    Luster: None
    Country of origin: China

  • Materials

    100% COTTON

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