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[Pre-Owned] heliopole knit size: 36 (S position)


Country: Japan  Established: 1989    It is the original brand of select shop heliopole in the Daikanyama.  In order to please their own and life-size women can choose the things in the values, the people who do not want an abrupt change, we are proposing the elegance chic.  As to be in Konsepucharu brand by modern values ​​to world-class, we always have to rebuild.  In the shop, you have to select an item from Europe, such as France and Italy.  Rather than equip the only thing expensive, simple and quality is high, can feel the movement of the times, we originated the items that match the sensibility and aesthetic in total coordination. >See more products of this brand.

[Pre-Owned] heliopole knit size: 36 (S position)
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  • Product Introduction

    Whole There is fluff.

  • Specifications

    Color: Gray (purple has bought)
    Gender: Ladies
    Wear Season: spring, summer
    Size: 36 (S position)
    Width: 52cm
    Length: 55cm
    Sleeve length: 82cm
    Country of origin: China

  • Materials

    Rayon 65%, 20% nylon, Angola 8%, cashmere 7%

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