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[Pre-Owned] Viaggio Blu shoes size: L (25cm position)

Viaggio Blu

Luxury the journey as the theme, not shed the trend, it is the woman that there is an adult of elegance and opulence to the concept.  The basic up a notch, has proposed a contemporary style with a sense of class that mixes a sense of play and pomp.  The blue brand color tones, we are developing products and coordination where there is a resort feeling.  Chester coat and cardigan, is items such as knit is popular. >See more products of this brand.

[Pre-Owned] Viaggio Blu shoes size: L (25cm position)
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  • Product Introduction

    Strap sandals.
    Summery design that stuck the jute material to the co-Luxor.
    Height of there is a thick heel is reduced before because the platform is very easy to wear because the ankle is also fixed in the strap.
    Elegant silver gold accents of coordination ◎

  • Specifications

    Color: Gold system
    Gender: Ladies
    Wear Season: spring, summer
    Size: L (25cm position)
    Heel height: 10cm
    Saul back: width 7.5cm

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