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Poppin Cookin educational confectionery popular set of 4

Poppin Cookin educational confectionery popular set of 4

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Foster the imagination of children "educational confectionery" popular 4-piece set! The set includes (fun ramen shop's, fun Nankare-round potato round and round takoyaki)

  • Materials / Ingredients

    [Fun's ramen shop]: sugar, dextrin, starch, glucose, vegetable oils and fats, reduced starch syrup, gelatin, concentrated yogurt / modified starch, sorbitol, acidulant, polysaccharide thickener, fragrance, glycerin, baking soda, emulsifier, calcium lactate, calcium carbonate, the gelling agent (sodium alginate), colorants (caramel, gardenia, red yeast, safflower yellow), brightener, (including dairy component-gelatin part) fun Nankare]: starch, sugar, dextrin, vegetable oil, dehydrated potato, glucose, egg white powder, salt, lactose, yeast extract powder, vegetable powders, spices, nonfat dry milk, chicken powder, protein hydrolysates, seasonings fats, food whose main raw material milk or the like, soy sauce powder / modified starch, leavening, emulsifiers, seasoning (amino acids), sodium caseinate, colorants (caramel, Gardenia, Spirulina blue), calcium carbonate, a gelling agent (sodium alginate), perfumes, particulate silicon oxide, acidulant, spice extracts, calcium sulfate, sodium pyrophosphate, (part, wheat, eggs, milk ingredients soy including chicken, pork) - round and round potato]: dextrin, starch, dried potato, vegetable oil, sugar, egg white powder, salt, lactose, whey powder, vegetable powder, protein hydrolyzate, powdered vinegar, yeast extract powder, chicken extract powder, soy sauce powder, spices, flavoring edible oils, powder source, powder fat / modified starch, sodium caseinate, seasoning (amino acids), colorants (caramel, vegetable dyes, gardenia, carotenoids), calcium carbonate, emulsifiers, perfumes, fine silicon oxide, acidulant, spice extracts, (some including wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soy chicken) [Round and round takoyaki]: Ingredients: corn syrup solids, vegetable oil, sugar, starch, egg white powder, dextrin, corn syrup, salt, egg yolk powder, vegetable extract powder, yeast extract powder, powdered vinegar, vegetable powder, dried bonito extract powder, protein hydrolyzate, milk protein, powdered source, flavoring edible oils, food whose main raw material milk or the like, spices, modified starch, calcium carbonate, baking powder, colorants (caramel, vegetable dyes, gardenia, red yeast), seasoning charge (amino acids), (including milk components some of the raw wheat, orange, soybean, poultry, pork, apples) sodium caseinate, emulsifiers, calcium phosphate, acidulants, thickening polysaccharides, perfumes,

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