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Chipi 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Chipi 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
  • quantity term power
    1-day disposable contact lenses.
    Disposable lenses are convenient and hygenic.

    Low Moisture Content

    Lenses with low moisture content contain gentle materials which prevent evaporation and in turn eye dryness. Lenses do not overly absorb tears while maintaining optimal moisture balance.∗ Wearing comfort and eye dryness varies amongst individuals.

    Dye Construction

    Created in such as way that the dye portion of the lens does not come into contact with the cornea or eyelids. Developed with your safety and wearing confidence in mind.


    Prolonged periods of wear with a clear view are possible due the the use of nonionic material which prevents tear stains (protiens etc.) the number one cause of dirty lenses.

    Japanese Standards Approved

    Color contact lenses are highly controlled medical devices. While production, import and export require the approval of the minister of health, labor and welfare of Japan, product sales require the approval of mayors in each prefecture and merchants are responsible for the strict management of item sales. All products sold at our store have been approved as highly controlled medical devices.

  • Product Introduction

    Brand Name: Chipi
    Series name: 1day -10 Lenses-
    Image Model: Satomi Yakuwa

    [Marie Peche]
    Impressed sweet coral pink, black border is clearly coordinated the outline of the pupil.
    Produce a dignified adult whiff by adding a little blurred.

    [Sophie Brown]
    Colorcon fulfill a pupil of diluted dye in light brown.
    Also gently is thick dark brown border, us with impressive eyes.

    [Brigitte Mocha]
    Calm brown and black border is fellowship in exquisite, adult impressive pupil.
    Mast items will change the impression of slightly pupil.

    [Loire Brown]
    Bright brown peek through the gap of the delicate pattern shine a pupil, directing the sucked likely pupil.
    The beautiful eyes that shine photo.

  • Specifications

    ■ advanced management medical equipment approval number: 22700BZX00143000
    ■ moisture content: 38.5%
    ■ lens diameter (DIA): 14.5mm
    ■ lens BC (BC): 8.7mm
    ■ frequency (PWR): ± 0.00 ~ -6.00
    ■ duration of use: 1day
    ■ 1 box of the number of sheets: 10 sheets
    ■ Publisher: Co., Ltd. Third-Park
    ■ produced and sold Co., Ltd. Net Rheinland Japan / Co-Scenes

  • Precautions

    ■ with the other people of our goods-sharing inhibition
    ■ Please note that the drying of those goods. Please use the eye drops for soft contact lenses if you if dry eyes during wearing was felt
    ■ If you damage wear ban
    ■ After use, be sure to wash and disinfect every time. Also, be sure to protein removal of regularly lens
    ■ Please accept the medical examination of ophthalmologist immediately discontinue use when you feel an abnormality in the eye
    ■ In our medical responsibility can not assume all. If you are the first time you purchase, always on the prescription of the doctor, please choose a lens that is suitable to your own.
    Is when you use, read the instruction manual, please use a clean state.
    Also after use, if you feel abnormal or discomfort in the eyes, please contact us immediately discontinue use ophthalmologist.

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