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Elegance Eau Léger gross <lip gloss> 7 Gold Pink 5.6g

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Fresh colors. Gloss clear.
    Lip gloss that loveliness is in full bloom

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Polybutene-Diisostearyl malate-Toriechiruhekisanoin-trimellitate tritriacontanoic decyl dextrin palmitate mineral oil dimethylsilyl silica borosilicate (Ca / Al) & apricot kernel oil, Kaninabara fruit oil, ascorbyl dipalmitate, horse chestnut seed extract, tocopherol jojoba seed oil, rosemary extract, tocopherol acetate, BG, BHT, DPG, silica dimethicone triisostearate polyglyceryl-2-hydrogensulfate dimethicone perfluorooctyl triethoxysilane, methicone lecithin and oxidation tin carbonate Ca, methylparaben, perfume mica titanium oxide, iron sulfate Ba-4 yellow, red 202

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