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HACCI Honey Collagen Set of 9 (Bridal Package) 30ml

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  • Product Introduction

    To greet a special day in the best of me.
    Beauty Energy drinks give the bride
    I put the two people I think, come special day is approaching. Day-to-day going too busy with preparation, with a margin that can face in their precisely at such time, I want to give Nde carefully love the body. By speculating the clean of Energy, to one day charm in the best of myself. Bees of grace, who shine than in honey collagen!
    In design and with a message that I hope the happiness of the bride, perfect for a bridal shower gift.

    1. High quality royal jelly and honey of their own beekeeping garden
    Luxury formulated the longevity and rejuvenation, such as the royal jelly and honey, which has also been called prized elixir since ancient times. We carefully selected only high-quality ones that were taken at their own beekeeping garden.

    2. High absorption rate of fish collagen 5000㎎
    High quality of collagen 5000㎎ formulations were collected from natural saltwater fish of the epidermis of the good quality of the original Arctic marine of cooperation to have "collagen Dr." the collagen research for 30 years. It is characterized by high absorption rate without smell using a high purification technology.

    3. It blends the best balance of cosmetic ingredients. Support themselves beautifully composed force
    Including Hakkoda bear Sasa extract, Cat's Claw extracts the Amazon rain forest raw product (AC-11®), olive fruit polyphenol, yeast extract, biotin, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, Chichihate oligosaccharide, dietary fiber, etc., It was blended in a well-balanced to select a cosmetic component to the total care of the beauty and health.

    30mL × 9 this

  • Product Use

    - one to guide one day, please try First 3 days.
    - chilled in the refrigerator, please enjoy Shake well before opening.
    - delicious you can eat in the subtle sweetness of pine flavor of honey.
    - It is also recommended to carbonate and drink divided by orange juice

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Fisshukoragenpepuchido, high fructose syrup, dietary fiber, lactose fructose oligosaccharides, Kumazasa extract, royal jelly, honey, yeast extract, ceramide-containing corn extract, L- ornithine, maltodextrin, olive fruit polyphenols, Cat's Claw extract / citric acid, vitamin C, flavor, glucosamine, ⅼ- theanine, ⅼ- arginine, grapefruit seed extract, ⅼ- tryptophan, biotin, sweetener (sucralose), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, hyaluronic acid, folic acid (an including gelatin, soy chicken in part)

  • Precautions

    And food a person allergic, please refer to the material.
    • If you do not disagree with, please discontinue use.
    - component might be floating and precipitation, but the quality is not a problem.
    - The direction of pregnant and lactating please consult your doctor before using.
    ※ biotin is a nutrient to help maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes. This product, disease or healing by high intakes, it is not intended to improve health than. Please observe the daily recommended dose. This product is different from a health food, who is not in a separate review by the consumer Agency. A guide one day, please drink Shake well. The amount of nutrients such as display the nutritional standards for displaying features included in daily recommended dose (18+, standard heating 2,200kcal) 66% of available intake. Diet, the staple food, main dishes, side dishes based on the balance of the meal.

  • Storage Information

    · Please be careful to avoid injury in the cut of the cap.
    - Please drink immediately after opening.
    - Please keep out of reach of children.
    Bin is fragile, please do not heating and refrigeration.

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