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Komoraifu Buena medicinal dirty look mouthwash 500ml

Komoraifu Buena medicinal dirty look mouthwash 500ml

    • mede in japan Made in Japan

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Catechins contained in the tea extract reacts to food particles and mouth dirt (proteins), it can be spit out to gargle time by coagulation.

  • Product Use

    It includes an appropriate amount 10~20ml to mouth, spit and gargle for about 20 seconds, please then brushing.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Base: Purified water
    Wetting agent: sorbitol solution, tea extract -1, Toukiekisu -1, hop extract, burnet extract, oolong tea extract, Houttuynia cordata extract, BG
    Cooling agents: ethanol, anhydrous ethanol, menthol
    Flavoring agents: xylitol, stevia extract
    pH adjusting agent: anhydrous citric acid, citric acid Na
    Preservative: methylparaben
    Flavoring: flavoring
    Medicinal ingredients: allantoin, cymene-5-ol
    Coloring agent: caramel

  • Precautions

    ● Please be used in accordance with the dosage and administration
    ● because it is not a oral solution, please do not drink
    ● Please do not use if there is an abnormality of the wound, such as in the mouth
    ● If you feel abnormal during and after use, or use, discontinue use, we recommend that you consult to specialists, etc.
    ● Avoid contact with eyes please note
    If the eyes, please rinse immediately without rubbing
    ● After use, please close the cap properly
    ● Extremely hot or cold places, places in direct sunlight, please do not keep in place within the reach of small children
    ● so we have blended the natural ingredients, it might have to discoloration or precipitation occurs, but no problem in quality
    ● in this product contains alcohol

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