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Dr. Scholl MediQtto Nighttime Compression Leggings

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  • Dimensions:18.0cm × 10.0cm × 4.3cm

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Get cute, great legs while you sleep!

While you sleep, the slight pressure squeezes and shrinks your legs. Has a flat designed to be comfortable no matter your sleeping position. Wake up to smaller, cuter legs!

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  • Product Features

  • Medikyutto spats lavender while sleeping, only foil while sleeping, is wearing pressure spats leg is lightly at the time of waking up the next morning. And effective wearing pressure in the "Kyu To up process", has been achieved both soft touch. Spats in the optimal pressure value at the time of going to bed, from ankle to hip, thoroughly support the hard work leg during the day. We care the entire lower half of the body to be worried about. Heat and stuffiness in the rest because it is no toe type is also divergence.

  • Raw Materials

  • Nylon, polyurethane, cupro

  • Specification Method

  • ● Remove the ring or the like before wear, please smooth the nails of the hands and feet.
     ● Because there is a support force, please pull up little by little.
     1. Preface haul socks, put a toe.
     2. Pull up on the ankle, and align the position of the heel.
     3. Hen divided into portions according to the knee, to extend the wrinkles of the knee back.
     4. pulled up to the waist, and wear.
     * To wear before going to bed, please take off when that happened the next morning.
     * If you are not familiar with some of the support force socks, you may first tight feel.
     * If the first time to use the product, after receiving the trial to 1-2 hours prior to going to bed, please use.
     * If uncomfortable, take off as soon as possible, the use of the bedtime of the day I will stop, please try another day.

  • Notes

  • 1. If there is a severe blood circulation failure, please do not use.
     2. Those who of the following, please consult your doctor before wearing.
     Diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, blood circulation failure, congestive heart failure, inflammatory disease, who are treated with such as neuropathy of the attachment site.
     3. Upon wear, please note the following things.
     (1) Please avoid wearing piled two and that size is not suitable.
     (2) Please do not be able to wrinkles and sagging during use.
     (3) Hizaka, please stretch will not curl dough in the knee back. Please to have remains straight not folded mouth rubber.
     4. or feel sick, discomfort, such as pain and numbness, itching, please discontinue use immediately if rash or abnormalities were observed.
     5. In order to prevent the deformation of the product, please do not use or store in a state in which the twisted.

  • Remarks

  • Pressure level
     Ankle: 20hPa (12mmHg)
     Calf: 16hPa (8mmHg)
     Thighs: 10hPa (6mmHg)

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