For Banterin supporter elbow


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For Banterin supporter elbow

  • Manufacturer:KOWA
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    Regular- Below Elbow: 22~25cm

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  • Dimensions:2.8cm × 18.0cm × 11.0cm

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  • Product Introduction

    "Banterin Kowa supporters elbow only normal (M) Black left and right shared 1 pieces" is, by taping theory, it is possible to suppress the excessive elongation and twist of the elbow, is elbow for supporters to support to mitigate the elbow of the burden. X-shaped taping knitting of the inside of the elbow, to prevent the excessive growth and twist of the elbow, to reduce the discomfort, such as when with a heavy object. On the outside of the elbow has adopted a special mesh knit to fit the movement. The top and bottom of the anchor up supporters of the shift at a moderate tightening, preventing the shift down, to stabilize the taping function.

  • Product Use

    (1) X-shaped knitting is to come on the inside of the elbow, and through the arm from more of the V mark.
     (2) X-shaped knitting will be adjusted to come to the bent portion of the elbow. Arms lightly bent state, should be stretched well so that there is no slack.
     Always ※, please wear directly on the skin.
     ※ When the wear position is shifted, it is not a proper function can not be obtained, please note.

  • Precautions

    What not to do with
     1. The following people, please do not use
     (1) sprains, fractures, people in a state where there is an abnormality in the affected area immediately after the injury of ligament damage and the like.
     (2) people who might be there is a peripheral blood circulation disorder or certain.
     (3) to wear site, scratches, swelling, people that there is an abnormality of eczema, and the like.
     (4) and chronic dermatitis, people with allergies due to chemical fiber and rubber material.
     2. Please do not use in other than the specified site.
     3. those that do not fit the size please do not use
     4. Please do not use while sleeping
     To consult
     If in use, or the following symptoms after use appeared to discontinue use immediately, please consult your doctor or the like.
     Symptom: rash, rash, congestion, abnormal pain, edema

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