Tomoko Tsuru Quickly (for general use) (3Gx30 pieces)

Tomoko Tsuru Quickly (for general use) (3Gx30 pieces)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Tomoko Tsuru Quick Lee 3g × 30 This" is a thickened adjustment stick to be attached easily thickening in tea and water, food. Melts and taste as it is quick and association thickening. 3g × 30 pieces. Granules.

  • Product Use

    [How to use (1) of this product in addition to the food to which you want to add a thickening, such as tea. (2) stir immediately about 15 seconds. (3) thickening sticks in about two minutes. From to check the status of the thickening, please enjoy. [Thickening of the guideline] water, tea 100ml per ● French dressing like: 1g (thickening of strength +) ● tonkatsu sauce-like: 2g (the strength of the thickening ++) ● ketchup-like: 3g (the strength of the thickening +++ ) use on the point of] ● also to warm things, you can put a thickening in cold ones. ● If the thickening is strong, please adjust the thickening by the addition of the same food. ● If the thickening is weak, please adjust the thickening is added to the same food with a thickening to strengthen. ● If you have difficulty dissolved, using a hand mixer or the like, please stir so as not to whisk. ● If you want to use the mixer diet, because it is difficult to melt and the water is low, please add the water together.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Dextrin, xanthan gum, calcium lactate, trisodium citrate

  • Nutritional Information

    (One per 3g) / energy: 8kcal, Protein: 0g, lipid: 0g, sugars: 2.0g, dietary fiber: 0.7g, sodium: 29mg, ash content: 0.1g, moisture: 0.2g

  • Precautions

    By ● If you eat (swallowing function of), vary the strength of appropriate thickening. Please be used in accordance with the guidance of doctors and nutritionists. ● Please do not use any of the packaging container is damaged. ● Please do not use those things and solidified abnormal in color, smell, taste of the contents at the time of unsealing. ● this product or add a large amount at a time, and once added to put food again this product to the thickening, it may lumps may occur. ● those too attached strongly lump or thickening became lumps, or powder to eat as it is, because there is a fear that clogged in the throat, please do not eat absolutely. ● depending on the type and temperature of the food the amount of use is put a thickening even the same, different time until the strength and stability of the thickening of expression. Please be sure to check the status of the thickening before eating. And ● too take this product, if your stomach spring by the physical condition and constitution, you might loosely. Please reduce the amount of use such cases. ● Because there is a difference in the swallow force those who need help with eating, please watch how to swallow more of the caregiver.

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