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Kewpie Gold A (180 tablets)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Kewpie Kowa Gold A 180 tablets" is a nourishing tonic formulated with ingredients that are effective in tired of the modern type. Operation of harsh commuting and car, overcrowded schedule, such as the body of the modulation by the air conditioning, the burden on the modern people of the body break followed no, this will continue to be accumulated in the body become tired. To remove these fatigue, as well as vitamins, it is also required intake of work well in fatigue component. To this drug is one tablet, hydrochloric acid arginine and gamma representing the efficacy which is superior to the tired with seven vitamins necessary to tired body - oryzanol, was high garlic extract component of tonic effect (Okisoamidjin end) simultaneous blending. Only one tablet once. Moreover, in taking a day 1-2 times, designed to make work well in fatigue of the body. Can not be taken too tired to sleep overnight, the body is heavy in the morning, at the time, such as soon tiring, we recommend early taking.

  • Product Use

    Adult (over 15 years old) 1 tablet, that the children of less than a day 1-2 times taking 15-year-old is to adhere to the attention dosage regimen related to ● Dosage and Administration Not to be taken

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Additives: cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, corn starch, stearic acid Mg, silicic acid Ca, hydrogenated oils, talc, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, carbonate Ca, gum arabic, gelatin, white sugar, titanium oxide, polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene glycol, hydrogen phosphate Na, carnauba wax, yellow No. 5

  • Precautions

    1. The following people to consult a doctor or pharmacist before use. (1) who are receiving medical attention. (2) pregnant women within three months of pregnancy, people who wish to people or pregnancy appears to be pregnant. (It has been reported that congenital anomalies proportion of vitamin A per day 10000 infants were born from international units or more ingested pregnant women during the period from the previous 3 months of pregnancy up to three months of pregnancy is increased.) 2. The following case , stop using it immediately, to consult with your doctor or pharmacist for this attachment. (1) after taking the following symptoms may occur. Skin: rash, redness, itching Digestive: nausea and vomiting (2) that the case be taken about one month does not improve symptoms 3. The following symptoms may occur some because, like this if the symptoms of the continuation or enhancement was observed, stop taking the drug, diarrhea to consult a doctor or pharmacist

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