Pepe Lotion (200ml)

Pepe Lotion (200ml)

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  • Product Introduction

    This body lotion is described as having a slimy, jelly-like texture. Can be used for massage or as a personal lubricant.

    ● This one is for everyone! Can be used all over the body.
    ● Easy to use bottle!
    ● Fragrance-free, clear type!
    ● Fashionable design!
    ● Number one brand of lube!

    Have not you been getting into communication with him lately?
    Besides words communication, skinship of bare skin and bare skin that mutually communicates is also important.
    Let's gently stretch the pepper lotion on the neck and back of each other. The heart and body are full of moisture, and the love of two people further deepens.

    When using it in the bedroom
    Because Peper lotion is water soluble, sheets and bath towels after use are safe to wash with other laundry.

    When used in a bathroom
    It is also a pleasant time to use a familiar pepper lotion with the water in the bathroom. Lotion attached to the body can be easily rinsed off with a shower. Please note that the floor with lotion is easy to slide.

  • Product Use

    - Appropriate amount taken up in hand, please use the application while stretching lightly where needed. After use is washed off with water.

  • Precautions

    • Since the slippery, please be careful when it is used. If you went to, the eyes and mouth, please rinse with water immediately. • If your skin does not fit stop use immediately, please consult your doctor when you feel abnormality such as allergic symptoms.

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