Super Big Boy (12 pieces)

Super Big Boy (12 pieces)

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  • Dimensions:2.6cm × 7.6cm × 13.6cm

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  • Product Introduction

    ● Super big big size 37 mm diameter condom
    ● The classic of L size condom. It is 2 mm larger in diameter than "Big Boy"! !
    ● Plenty of gel insertion smooth.
    ● rubber odor cut / deproteinization
    Also safe for people who do not like the smell of rubber! ! Okamoto's original technology, from condoms
    We removed rubber odor by removing protein and other water soluble substances.

    Description of item

    "Super Big Boy 12 pieces (condoms)" is spacious size of conventional products (Okamoto Corp. ratio) than larger 5mm diameter 37mm. Because a lot of gel, is a smooth insertion is very. The color is transparent black. Rubber smell cut. 12 12pcs.

    ● This product, please use the Always read the instruction manual. ● suitability use of condoms, contraception is effective, and reduces the risk of infection to a number of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, but it does not guarantee 100% of the effect. ● remains were placed in the packaging, please keep in a cool, dark place. Also, do not store together with volatile substances such as insect repellent.

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