OKAMOTO's New Skinless 500 (6 Condoms)

OKAMOTO's New Skinless 500 (6 Condoms)

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  • Product Introduction

    Would not a "skinless" too famous name?
    We are confident that may be to say that condoms synonymous.
    Such, the "skinless" was born, is that more than a quarter of a century even before.
    Ahead of the competition at the time, succeeded in the development of thin condom, there is no feeling of use condoms
    It "skinless skin" was released.

    By this product, the use of dissatisfaction "condom for a condom that consumers had been holding
    I think we erogenous is impaired "is eliminated.
    Backed by such consumer "skinless skin" is, we've been growing.

    Recently, in a more high-quality condoms are expected, the official criteria are more and more
    If severe such, I thought what is needed in order to maintain the quality of "skinless".
    And won the competition, which has resulted in a "new skin-less", which is a new standard of health and joy!

    "Skinless 500 6 pieces (condoms)" is a popular Okamoto of skinless condom with a thin and high quality. Standard type.

  • Precautions

    This product, please use the Always read the instruction manual. Suitability use of condoms, contraception is effective, and reduces the risk of infection to a number of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, but it does not guarantee 100% of the effect.

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