New crisis hot water salt carbonate hot water (360G)


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New crisis hot water salt carbonate hot water (360G)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Kikiyu salt carbonate hot water 360g" is a medicated bath additive blended with the hot spring-derived components such as sodium chloride and carbon dioxide gas. To enhance the warm bath effect to promote the blood flow to every corner of the body, to enhance the heat insulation effect relieves cold and fatigue. Quasi-drugs.

  • Product Use

    ■ open as defeat on the diagonal do not twist to open the way left and right. ■ Make bathing put the granules at a rate of about 30g to use the bath of hot water (200L). Please use the outside cap (the inner line about 30g) is the weighing. ■ from taking the packing is in the use the beginning of the attention in the cap, please use.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ● active ingredient: Na chloride, bicarbonate Na, carbonate Na ● Other Ingredients: fumaric acid, DL- malic acid, succinic acid, L- glutamic acid sodium, dextrin, oxidation Ti, soybean, PEG (120), POE (caprylic · caprate), glyceryl, oxide Mg, ethylenediaminetetraacetic POE-POP, silicic anhydride, BHT, perfume, vessels 02 (1), blue 2, blue 1

  • Precautions

    ● If there is a skin or constitutional abnormal, please use in consultation with your doctor. ● and after use during use, skin rash, redness, itching, if the abnormality such as irritation appears, discontinue use, please consult your doctor. ● This product is not edible. If swallowed in large amounts, the treatment of such water to drink, please consult your doctor. ● when bathing, please pay attention to slip in the bathtub. ● combination of this product and other bath salts, please be avoided. ● Please do not use it for purposes other than bathing. ● dirt of the bathtub, please drop in bathing detergent as soon as possible. May appear colored attached dye and fell hard to become bathing agent over time. ● The This product does not contain sulfur damage the tub-bath kettle. ● Because it is automatic weighing filling, amount of contents even if there is a space is as display. ● This product is not intended to reproduce the hot water of the hot spring.

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