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Slim Up Slim "Off-Kai" Diet Aid (60 tablets)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Slim up Slim-off meeting 60 grain" is a diet support supplements African mango eaves blended. Texture chewy, is a tropical mango flavor. I want to diet while eating, for those who like sweets and pasta. It supports diet.

  • Product Use

    Please enjoy a guide once two tablets as a dietary supplement. Also it served also licking bite. Please enjoy 4 tablets per day as a guide.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Reduced maltose Africa Mango eaves extract Mallotus japonicus extract powder Gymnema extract powder white kidney bean extract powder acidulant emulsifier flavoring coloring (red yeast, carotene) fine silicon oxide sweetener (aspartame · L- phenylalanine compound)

  • Nutritional Information

    Nutritional facts 4 tablets (3000mg) per energy 7.4kcal protein 0g lipid 0.078g Carbohydrate 2.9g sodium 0.24mg sugars 0.008-0.018g other components during production compounding (per 4 tablets) African Mango eaves extract 150mg Mallotus japonicus extract 18mg Gymnema sylvestre extract 2mg white kidney bean extract 4mg

  • Precautions

    ● If you do not meet the rare body by the constitution, there is a case where allergy symptoms such as rash. Should, please discontinue use if you feel an abnormality in the body. ● If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, infants and children, please do not use this product. ● Avoid excessive intake, please enjoy so as not to exceed the daily recommended dose. ● If you are taking medicine, those who are currently receiving treatment, please consult your doctor. ● After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible with a firm seal. ● Please keep out of reach of children. ● Because you are using the original family of naturally occurring, or seen spots, there are times when there is a change of color unevenness and smell, but the quality is not a problem. ※ diet, the staple food, main dishes, side dishes based on the balance of the meal. ※ In this product manufacturing plant, eggs, has been producing milk components, wheat, oranges, soybeans, bananas, peaches, yams, apples, products containing gelatin.

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