Slim up Slim Precious corn soup (360G)

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  • Product Introduction

    Description of item

    "Slim up Slim Precious corn soup 360g" is a diet support soup. The per meal collagen 5000mg, the coenzyme Q10 10mg, hyaluronic acid 25mg formulations. It can further intake of 45 kinds of ingredients. Meal instead of replacement diet, of course, is also recommended as a convenient side menu that can also supply and beauty care of nutrients to be worried about.

    how to use

    In addition to the hot water (20ml per one person), please stir immediately. ● mix well with ... approximately 70-150ml of hot water in the beauty soup plan attached measuring spoon 1-2 tablespoons, diet support in calories about 55-111kcal. Plus the nutrients and collagen to be worried about in the daily diet. ● well mixed with hot water ... about 200ml in a measuring spoon 3 cups of the plan attached replaced one meal, diet support in calories about 166kcal. • 1/3 days worth of multi-vitamins and minerals. Collagen 5000mg + beauty elements firmly. ※ If previously put the soup from putting hot water, it will be easier to melt.


    ● to a good balanced diet prevents excessive dieting, if you replace a meal, please use the two meals a day as a limit. ● This product is not intended include all the nutrients needed for one meal. ● If you are found of food allergy, please use Check the ingredients on representation of the package. ● It may not fit the rare body by the physical condition and constitution. Please discontinue use in that case. ● diet by calorie restriction, there is a case, by the constitution and health status of the person who is used to be destroying the physical condition. ● If you are pregnant or nursing, please refrain from the use of this product. ● If you are currently receiving treatment, please consult your doctor. ● After opening tightly closed chuck, please enjoy as soon as possible. ● when dissolved in hot water, you may be able to have lumps, but not a quality problem. ● This product is hot water only. Please do not be dissolved in water. ● When cooking, the burns in the hot water of eating events, please pay attention. ● Please put out of reach of children.


    Sweet corn collagen (gelatin) milk protein polydextrose soy protein starch skim milk powder edible oils and fats dextrin salt onion extract lactose Mirepoix protein hydrolyzate apple extract milk processed products brewer's yeast extract spice coenzyme Q10 oligosaccharide equipment (sweet corn) seasoning (amino acid etc.) citric acid K emulsifier eggshell Ca fragrance oxidation Mg sweetener (thaumatin, sucralose) gardenia dye VC hyaluronic acid iron pyrophosphate VE pantothenic acid Ca niacin V.B1 antioxidant (VE) V.B6V.B2V.A folic acid V. DV.B12

    Nutritional Information

    Sodium spoon 3 cups (45g) per amount of heat 166kcal protein 16.3g lipid 3.3g Carbohydrate 15.0g dietary fiber 5.4g 648mg vitamin A 150-450μg vitamin B1 0.56mg vitamin B2 0.42mg vitamin B6 0.39mg vitamin B12 0.67μg vitamin C 29mg vitamin D 1.7-6.0μg vitamin E 2.7mg niacin 4.4mg pantothenic acid 2.1mg folic acid 80μg calcium 234mg magnesium 84mg iron 3.8mg potassium 600mg copper 0.05-0.14mg zinc 0.48-1.17mg manganese 0.08-0.21mg selenium 2.3-7.1μgCoQ10 10mg (this the amino acid composition) arginine 510-1450mg lysine products 520-1480mg histidine 190-540mg phenylalanine 360-1000mg tyrosine 250-720mg leucine 620-1750mg isoleucine 310-880mg methionine 140-390mg valine 420-1180mg alanine 570-1630mg glycine 980-2740mg proline 990-2770mg glutamic acid 2160-6070mg serine threonine 400-1140mg 300-830mg aspartic acid 690-1940mg tryptophan 70-210mg cystine 50-150mg (during the production blending (per 45g)) collagen 5000mg hyaluronic acid 25mg apple polyphenol 100mg

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