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Payment Methods

There are 4 payment options available on DOKODEMO.

  • 1. Alipay international payment

  • 2. Credit Card(VISA・MASTER)

    (3D secure password may be needed. Credit card payment may not be available in some regions.)

  • 3. PayPal

    (We are implementing PayPal Seller Protection Policy.Under some circumstances, you may not be able to use this service. Thank you for your understanding.)

  • 4. AFTEE (Available in Taiwan only)

What is 3-D Secure Service?

3D secure is a free of charge identity verification service aimed at protecting customers from credit card fraud when they shop online with a credit card. By entering a password only known by the credit card company itself (other than 4 digit password,) it adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

※The password will be sent to the credit card company directly. The information is extremely secure as it does not go through our website at all. The name for 3D secure might differ among credit card brands.

Advantages of using 3D secure service

Make Credit Card Payments More Secure
It enhances the security of credit card payments by requiring customers to enter a password that only the credit card company knows, in addition to the card number and the expiry date. (Customers need to verify the password with their company in advance.)
This service can be used by anyone
“3D Secure Service” is available for any credit card issued by companies which offer “3D Secure”.
Trusts & Safety at International Standard
3D Secure Service has been adopted by VISA, MasterCard and other major credit card companies. It has also become a standard service for credit cards in many parts of the United States.
This service is free of charge
We do not charge any extra fees when customers use “3D Secure” for payment.
It prevents credit card fraud by requiring customers to enter password that only cardholders know.
It can protect customers from credit card misuse or spoofing by preventing their card number or expiry date from being stolen.

International Credit Card Brands that Provide 3D Secure

What is AFTEE?

Payments through AFTEE are available only for those with a local phone number in Taiwan.

Regarding Tax-Free Purchases

(1)About tax exemptions on exports

Any business entity intending to sell products in Japan shall, in principle, pay consumption tax.
However, goods are exempt from consumption tax if the sale is treated as an export transaction. (This system is called "Consumption Tax Exemption on Exports"). It is based on the idea that Japan's consumption tax should not be imposed on goods which will be used outside of Japan. The term "Export transactions" indicates the export of goods, international shipping, international calls, international mail services and so on.

(2)About tax exemptions on exported goods from DOKODEMO

DOKODEMO only carry items that are in stock in Japan.
Therefore, items purchased from DOKODEMO are exempt from Japanese consumption tax if you select a country or region outside Japan as the delivery destination. Tax free shopping is not applied to orders shipped within Japan.