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    Select your language.

    Select Shipping Destination.

    Select your currency.


    Hit the Save button to update setting.

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User Preferences

1.Click the Menu at the Top of the Page

Please confirm the customer settings at the top of the page.

2.Select language / delivery area / display currency

Select your language, shipping destination, and currency from the items displayed on the screen.

3.Click the Save button

After confirming your settings, make sure to click save.

How to Search for Items

1.Input search keywords

Search for items using product names or brand names. Languages other than Japanese can be used.

2.Search by side menu

You can select products from the category list.

How to Order an Item

Step 1Add to Cart

1.Click on “Add to Cart”

After confirming the price of the product you want, please add it to your shopping cart.
Please read the FAQ first. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

2.Proceed to Checkout

To confirm the items you plan to purchase, please click the cart icon at the top of the page.
* Click "Buy Now" to add the product and proceed to the confirmation page.

Step 2Check Your Cart

1.Check Products in Your Cart

Here you can check the total price of the products in your cart.

2.Select the item you wish to purchase

Items eligible for “Combined Shipping” and Items eligible for “Individual Shipping” will be displayed.
Select the items you wish to purchase.

3.Proceed to Checkout

Click “Proceed to Checkout”.

Step 3Account Registration

1.Click "Create New Account"

If you have not previously registered, please create an account.
* Account registration is mandatory for purchasing.

2.Submit Customer Information

Please enter your first and last name, email address, and desired password.
* Addressee, Country / Region of the Shipping Destination, Postal Code, Address, and Telephone Number are all necessary for shipping, therefore please make sure to complete all fields.

3.Account Registration

After entering all information, please click the "Account Registration" button.

Step 4Customer Information

1.Enter Shipping Address

Please enter the First and Last Name, Shipping Address, Postal Code, and Telephone Number of the Adressee.
*If you added a shipping address during the account creation process then any additional entry is unnecessary. Please double check and confirm all information is correct.

2.Select a Shipping Method

Please select a shipping method to the current shipping destination.
Shipping fees and the delivery period vary according to each service, please select a service the suits your needs.

* For individual shipping, the shipping method needs to be selected for each shop.
* There are occasions in which various shipping methods are unavailable due to the shipping region or product to be shipped.

3.Select Payment Method

Select one of the available payment methods.

4.Proceed to the Confirmation Screen

After confirming the entered data and international shipping fees, please click the "Confirmation" button.

Step 5Order Confirmation

1.Proceed to Payment

After confirming the details of your order, please click the "Proceeed to Payment" button.

Step 6International Payment Flow

Alipay international payment

1.Confirm the payment amount

Please confirm the total amount.

2.Read QR code

Scan the QR-code with your smartphone, or save the image and read it with the app.


Log in and proceed with payment.
※Since currency exchange rates at Alipay Online Payment are up to date, please keep in mind that the final payment amount may slightly differ from the previously stated amount.

4.Enter your mobile phone number or e-mail address

Enter your mobile phone number or mail address.

5.Input password

Please input password.

Credit Card

1.Enter credit card number

Please enter card number.(VISA and MasterCard can be accepted.)

2.Enter a valid expiry date

Please enter a valid expiry date

3.Enter your name

Please input name of card owner.

4.Enter security code

Please input security code.

5.Enter password for 3D secure

Please enter password for 3D secure.

* A credit card issued outside Japan can be used for a lump-sum payment only.
Please contact your credit card company if you wish to pay in installments.


1.Confirm your order summary

Details of your order and payment amount will be displayed.

2.Enter your e-mail address

Please enter your registered email address.

3.Enter your password

Please enter your password.


After confirming your email address and password, log in.

5.Agree and continue

Click the “Agree and continue” button to complete your payment.

* We are implementing PayPal Seller Protection Policy.
Under some circumstances, you may not be able to use this service. Thank you for your understanding.

Step 7Confirm Order Completion

Your order number will be shown after placing the order. You will also receive an order confirmation email.

Canceling Your Order

After your purchase, you can cancel your order from your "My Page" in your customer account while the order status is "Order Received".

However, we do not accept any cancellations during the shipping stage while the status is "In Progress" or after shipment.

Notes Regarding Product Price

Prices of all items are calculated by exchanging Japanese Yen into the currency for each country or region. Please note that the exchange rate referred for your order varies depending on financial institutions.