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International Shipping

From the Order Placement Until Delivery

After placing your order, there are no special steps or instructions to follow, so it's a breeze even for those who have never ordered from overseas before.

How Shipping Costs are Calculated

After you've put items in your cart, you can view a shipping estimate on the International Shipping and Tariffs page.
※ Please Note: As this is only an estimate, please confirm the exact charge on the cart page. Thank you for your understanding.

Confirming Shipping Status

Review an order on your account

1.Click "Shipping Status"

Click the “Shipping Status” button on your My Page. The shipping status will be updated after the we ship your items.

2.Check your order status on Japan Post's website

The Japan Post webpage (English) will be shown if you click “Shipping Status”.
You can check the tracking number and the delivery status of your order from the page.

The shipping status of EMS and International ePacket Light can also be confirmed on the homepage of overseas post offices. Please check for the most up-to-date information.

View your order details

1.Click "Order Details"

You can also check shipping status from the Order Details page.
You can find the URL for the Japan Post website on this page.

2.Tracking Number

You can check your tracking number on your purchase history detail.

3.URL for checking delivery status

The URL (link to Japan Post website) for checking delivery status can be found on your purchase history detail.

Notes Regarding International Shipping

* Please read first

In order to protect the rights of our customers, please do the following when receiving items shipped internationally. In the case where the package is damaged/seems to have been opened, have the courier or post office staff present when opening. If any of the following should occur, refuse the package and return to sender.

1. The package is damaged
2. The wrong item was sent
3. Part of the product is missing

* If the product was damaged/missing, please submit a CN24 (damage report) at the nearest post office.

Regarding Customs and Personal Imports

As international purchases made through DOKODEMO are considered personal imports, you take full and sole responsibility for any imposed import tax or return shipping fees on regulated, restricted or prohibited items. Please confirm in advance, act in accordance with and take responsibility for the import laws of the country or region you are importing products to.