1908, in Ontario, Canada, was born from William · H · Kaufmann, Inc. SOREL.
 At that time in Canada, the development of winter boots that the balance of durability and comfort to the keyword is not in yet advanced,
 Release of SOREL to the people who live in cold land gave a big shock.
 And 1960 initial, SOREL is the first in the world, rubber bottom in leather upper,
 It has released a winter boots of innovative combination of removable felt lining.
 It is a strong feeling that any even in the cold land warm, you want to embody the comfortable winter boots in the dry,
 There was also the moment that became a form.
 This construction is, even more than 40 years-old now,
 Widely it has been handed down in the world as a standard of prototype of winter boots.
 At present, lightweight model that corresponds to the reliable classic model and snow travel in winter youth,
 Such as high-spec model that corresponds to the snow activities such as snowshoeing,
 SOREL will produce the feet warm and comfortable condition in all cold conditions.

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