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Salvatore Ferragamo

Country: Italy
  Established: 1927
 Is the founder Salvatore Ferragamo, after you have already made the shoes and training at the age of nine, opened a shoe store in the 11-year-old.
 Over the United States at the age of 15, he studied anatomy at the University of Southern California, was wearing a technique to pursue the goodness of comfort.
 From the learned experience of the anatomy, only touched on the customer's foot, it is said also to have insight of the physical condition of the person.
 There is also the effort, the nobility of the actress and international in the shop, which opened in Tobei in Hollywood as a representative of the Audrey Hepburn is the customer, will be recognized as the star of the shoemaker in the world.
 Then he returned to Italy, opened a Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence.
 Ingenious design and comfort of the good, of course, there is a feature that the strong and long-lasting.
 Such as invisible shoes, wedge heel, flat form Sole, created a revolutionary and innovative products, to get the also extends patent in 350, now to prove the talent of the invention.
 This is also said to have changed the history of the shoe design.
 Even after his death, the brand passed down to his wife Wanda and children, become a Giovanna center of the second daughter in 1967,
 , Ladies and men's ready-to-wear, bags, wallets, perfume, etc. was also included, has grown into a total fashion brand.
 Also design current, quality, belief of the founder in all has been handed down also to the collection, it has been loved.

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