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Blumarine Hats

Designer: Rossera-Tarabini Molinari   Country: Italy   Established: 1980    Italian fashion brand. The brand name was born in from the passion for love and the sea lapping on the color of blue of two people.  1980, was named after the favorite sea Blumarine (Blumarine) collection presented at the Italy international fashion trade fair in Milan. Play a Milan collection debut in 1986, is feminine collection romantic got a lot of praise in the fashion people who.  Because in 95 years to highlight the differences between popular version of the Blumarine (Blumarine), newly released Anna Molinari. Confident women in their own, sexy, want to make clothes that can be happy feminine around the world Anna of clothes that, to fully Sedakutivu even without the exposure, as a small devil to become mode without losing the goods has been widely supported by many of the celebrities of, cultivate Milan, including the flagship shop in Paris, Europe, the United States, such as the Far East, a great success as Milan collection brand with the only shop each is greater than or equal to 50 stores in the world you have.