Delivery from Japan

DOKODEMO is a Japanese internet mall
where international customers are exempt from Japanese consumtion tax . 
We ship your favorite Japanese items directly from Japan.

We have a number of services to make your purchase easier and more convenient

  • Available in 5 languages for your peace of mind.

    No need to worry about language barriers.

  • Choose a shipping method to suit your budget and needs

    We have shipping methods for every need: fast delivery, low cost, or many others.

  • Select a preferred
    payment method

    Our secure system enables quick & safe payment processing.

Make purchases in 4 easy steps

  1. setting

    Quick, smooth shopping by selecting your preferred language / country / currency.

  2. Search & Find

    Add items to your shopping cart by clicking “Add to Cart” button.

  3. Input & Confirm

    Confirm your shipping destination and payment method on the settlement screen.

  4. Complete

    Your order is completed! All you need to do is wait for the courier to deliver.

New Services!

Combined payments and shipping services started!

"Combined payments and shipping services” is available now on DOKODEMO.

We introduced this to solve the problem of international shipping costs piling up by requiring customers to pay for items through each shop individually and having the items delivered from each vendor separately.

With this new service, shipping costs will become lower than ever before as payments can be completed at one time even if you purchase items from different shops.
※Some items are not eligible for combined shipping.

Shipping methods can be selected from “Combined shipping” or Individual shipping depending on your needs. The number of days required for delivery will be shorten if you select the individual shipping.

See more details on the services

DOKODEMO New Service


Combined payments and shipping services started!

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image1

You can choose items from many different shops,

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image2

and complete payments
at one time!

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image3

※You need to make payments twice at most if you purchase items eligible for combined payments & shipping services and items eligible for individual shipping services at the same time.

If you select
combined shipping services,
items you purchased will be collected
in warehouse in Japan.

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image4

※If you purchase items eligible for individual shipping services, items will be shipped from each shop as before.

If you select
combined shipping services,
international shipping costs will be charged only once.

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image5

※If you purchase items eligible for individual shipping services, items will be shipped from each shop as before.

Your order will be sent out in one shipment.

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image6

For a smoother, more convenient shopping experience

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image7

Get Special Bonuses for Purchases!

Earn DOKODEMO points for your purchases!

If you make purchases of certain eligible products, DOKODEMO points are granted when you complete your order. 1 point can be spent as 1 JPY to purchase products on DOKODEMO.world.

Use the DOKODEMO app to make your purchases easier!


  • Can I use a smart phone to make a purchase at DOKODEMO?

    You can make purchases via computers, smartphones, and tablets (Android apps, iPhone apps). Please see "How to use" for more details.

  • When will my order be shipped?

    Please refer to the estimated shipping date described on the product. A shipping notification email will be sent after you place an order.

    Also, you can check the delivery status of your item on your My Page after it has been shipped.

    Please contact the shop if you have any questions.

  • Can I contact you in languages other than Japanese?

    This online shopping mall is available in Japanese, Chinese(simplified and traditional), English and Korean. Please see the website of each shop to find out what languages is the shop available in.

  • My estimated delivery date has passed, but I still have not received my order. Whom should I contact for help?

    Shipping procedures are conducted by the shop. Please contact the shop for information on delivery. If you cannot reach the shop, please contact DOKODEMO customer support directly.

Compensation Program

If your product arrives broken or with missing contents, the Compensation Program specified by Japan Post separately depending on the type of the delivery method will be applied.
As for compensation attributed to the type of the shipping method, DOKODEMO will contact Japan Post on behalf of customers and request for application on whether the case is subjected to the Compensation Program.

※You will be redirected to external page(Japan Post Homepage).

Customer Support

We have a customer support to ensure that our customers have a smooth shopping experience.
We will contact shops on behalf of customers in such cases where there was delay in shipment or in replying to your inquiry from sellers.

Welcome to DOKODEMO!
Enjoy your shopping!