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Bridging Oceans
Bringing Japan
Closer to You


Delivering Japan's Best-selling Products Worldwide!

DOKODEMO is an online shopping site that delivers Japanese products
all over the world.
We're offering the newest cosmetics, baby products, foods, and much more.

"We want more people from around the world to try and fall in love with Japanese products." It was from this idea that DOKODEMO was born. We welcome and encourage you to give these products a try.

Convenient Shopping &
Customer Support!

  • Available in 5 languagesSimplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese

  • Choose a shipping method that suits your budget and meets your timeline.

  • Secure
    Payment System

  • Shopping is Easy and Convenienct
    We speak your language, so there's no need to worry about language barriers.

  • Choose freely from our variety of shipping methods to accommodate your priority: fast delivery, low cost, etc.

  • Our secure system enables quick & safe payment processing.

Make Purchases
in 4 Simple Steps

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    User Registration, Language
    Shipping Destination, Currency

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    Add desired products
    to your shopping cart

  3. Step 3


    Select Shipping
    & Payment Methods

  4. Step 4


    Receive your items

  1. After signing up, select your preferred language, shipping destination, & currency.

  2. Add desired items to your shopping cart by simply clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

  3. Confirm your shipping destination and payment method on the payment screen.

  4. That's it! Look forward to your delivery!

View & Confirm
Your Order Status or
History with "My Page"

You can view and confirm your order status and purchase history at any time on "My Page".
You can also conveniently view products you are following and any special information from merchants.
Please utilize this extremely convenient feature!

Get Special Bonuses
for Purchases!

DOKODEMO Points are awarded for the purchase of eligible products.
1 point can be exchanged for 1 yen towards a future purchase.

  1. Shop

  2. Collect Points

  3. Redeem Points on
    Future Purchases

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Shop With Confidence

Package Recieved Contains Missing or Incorrect Items

After confirming with the seller, we will have the merchant resend the correct/missing item(s).
There is no need to worry as the merchant will bear the costs of shipping.

  • Missing Item(s)

  • Wrong Item(s) Sent

Lost or Damaged Package(s)

In the unlikely event that your package has been lost or the contents are arrive damaged, Japan Post's Compensation Program may be applied.
We will be required to notify the local postal authorities of the contents of the lost of damaged package.
Upon the arrival of a damaged parcel, please contact customer service immediately and keep the package in its original condition.* Please note in advance that a damage compensation system for International ePacket Light, Small Packet shipments is not included.

  • Lost Packages

  • Damaged During Shipment

When a Package Does Not Clear Customs

  • Import Prohibited

  • Customers are responsible for paying any import taxes imposed by the laws or regulations of the destination country or region.

    If customs will not allow the item in your country, DOKODEMO will compensate you for the product. Written notification and documentation from customs authorities is required. Please contact us if your package is kept in custody.

If You Have Any Trouble

We have have an open help desk to facilitate smooth transactions between our customers and merchants.
If you have any questions, we will contact the vendor on your behalf.

This flowchart illustrates our communication
between customers and merchants.

Forwarding of the Customers Request
to the Merchant

  • Customer

  • (Offered in 5 language)

  • Merchant

Conveying the Response of the Merchant


  • Can I make purchases at DOKODEMO from my smartphone?

    You can make purchases on Computers, Smartphones, and Tablets via the internet or Android apps, iPhone apps.
    Please see "How to use" for more details.
    Click here to download the DOKODEMO app(iPhoneAndroid)

  • When Will My Order be Shipped?

    Please refer to the estimated shipping date listed on each product page.
    You should receive a confirmation email after your order has been placed.
    You can also check the delivery status of your order on "My Page" after it has been shipped.
    Please contact our customer support team if you have any questions regarding shipping or delivery.

  • Can I contact you in languages other than Japanese?

    Currently, our online shopping mall is available in Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English and Korean.
    Please see the website of each merchant to confirm which languages that merchant supports.

  • My estimated delivery date has passed, but I still have not received my order. Who should I contact?

    As shipping procedures are conducted by each individual merchant, please contact the merchant directly for information on delivery.
    If you have any trouble communicating with merchant, please contact the DOKODEMO Customer Support Team.

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Start Shopping DOKODEMO!

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New DOKODEMO Service


Combined payments and shipping services started!

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image1

You can choose items from many different shops,

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image2

and complete payments
at one time!

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image3

※You need to make payments twice at most if you purchase items eligible for combined payments & shipping services and items eligible for individual shipping services at the same time.

If you select
combined shipping services,
items you purchased will be collected
in warehouse in Japan.

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image4

※If you purchase items eligible for individual shipping services, items will be shipped from each shop as before.

If you select
combined shipping services,
international shipping costs will be charged only once.

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image5

※If you purchase items eligible for individual shipping services, items will be shipped from each shop as before.

Your order will be sent out in one shipment.

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image6

For a smoother, more convenient shopping experience

DOKODEMO ReBorn Image7