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Venus Recipe White Aminos Plus (30 Packets x 2.5g)

Venus Recipe White Aminos Plus (30 Packets x 2.5g)

  • Manufacturer:AXXZIA
    • mede in japan Made in Japan

※This item is not available on 「AXXZIA OFFICIAL SHOP」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    4 kinds of amino acids and botanical aging care substances (Choke berry Pink porcelain lily) support for your inner beauty.
    Features 1: 2 kinds of botanical aging care substances (Choke berry,Pink porcelain lily) are contained.
    Features 2: 4kinds of amino acids(L-leucine, L-arginine, L-glutamic acid, L-proline)are contained.
    These ingredients support your inner beauty.

  • Product Use

    This is Granule type. Please dissolve it in water and drink it.

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