Mate For Eyes

Mate For Eyes

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  • Product Introduction

    Beauty liquid penetration and thermal RF function by low-frequency current. It allows you to incorporate the essence of salon care to home care.

    · Thermal RF mounted two functions (radio waves) and low frequency
    By less irritating to the skin a low-frequency current and thermal RF (radio waves), warmed gently the facial muscles (if around the eyes orbicularis muscle) and encourage the penetration of up to the stratum corneum of the essence, while the stimulus.

    Rechargeable cordless
    Because cordless can be easily charged with a charging stand. (Automatically complete specification power is turned off in about 4 hours. 10 minutes after starting the charging time)

  • Product Use

    Your face the whole of care
    Delicate eyes around, mouth, can also be used for face line. Please use so as to slide gently from the warmer the essence to your skin.

  • Specifications

    Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz, output frequency: 90KHz ± 5%, the body power: 1.6 W ± 10%

  • Materials

    ABS resin, aluminum plating, stainless

  • Important

    Some products require plug adapters and voltage converters.
    Please make sure to check the required plug adapters and volatage converters before making your purchase.

    (AC plug and voltage varies with each country.)

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